Saturday Nov. 17, 2007
5:00 pm Sharp
Key Biscayne Beach Club
685 Ocean Drive
Key Biscayne, Florida

Bed Bath Beyond

Crate & Barrel

Cash and Checks also accepted.







Our Wedding

The wedding and reception will take place at the same location: the Key Biscayne Beach Club. (Map) THis quaint little beach club is situated right on the Atlantic Ocean on beautiful Key Biscayne.

Due to the time of sunset, the beachfront ceremony will begining promptly at 5:00pm. Although we are both Cuban, this ceremony WILL begin on time. We welcome you to take off your shoes and join us for this beautiful ceremony.

Bridal Party
Best Man - Alan Albelo
I wish I could say something nice about Alan, but I can't. Seriously, my little brother has been my roommate, punching bag, confidant and friend for my entire life. He has always been someone to set me straight when I went off into wild tangents. It is difficult to pick a Best Man with another wonderful brother and many close and dear friends, so I chose the one that is making the most money now.

Maid of Honor - Suzy Bayona
Marilyn's baby sister is the proud mother of Baby Taz (see below). Marilyn and her are very close. So close that they used to dress like twins. But to be fair, it was their mother, Mercy, who dressed them that way. These days they still wear the same shoes and outfits, just not at the same time.

Flower Girl - Ava Albelo
Our little Ava. Future brain surgeon or talk show host. She is the Princess of Drama. We only hope that she can make it through her first few years in one piece with her brother Liam and Lucas being the brutes that they are.
Ring Bearer - Ryan Gali
We affectionately call Ryan "Baby Taz." He is a whirlwind of energy and also very sweet. His huge eyes have allowed him to get away with murder especially with his Grandmother Mercy and his Mom Suzy. Not to mention he gets his way plenty of times with Marilyn (although she tries to put up a good facade, it is only good until his first smile). One day, he'll be a lady killer; he already has three under his belt.
Ring Bearer - Liam Albelo
A true mini-caveman. Liam is almost the antithesis of Ava. At 1 1/2 years old, one of Ava's first words was "octopus." At two years old, Liam eats rocks. He has a long way to go.

Our Song...
When Marilyn and I met, I was really into Jill Scott. She has a song called "He Loves Me (Lyzel in E-flat.)" which became one of our favorite songs. It's not really an easy song to dance to, So I apologize in advance.

On the Menu ...
The menu includes filet mignon with garlic potatoes and another vegetable that no one will eat, but looks pretty on the plate. I think it's asparagus tied in a knot. We are importing authentic Bimini Bread from one of our favorite islands. We'll have open bar with a huge variety of Bacardi's and SWS's best products. And to top off the night, wedding cake and Marble Slab Ice Cream Bar (I wonder who picked that one!?)

The table names are islands that we've visited or have special ties to like Cuba. Feel free to as either one of us about the island you're sitting at.

Marilyn and I will be traveling to jolly old England for a week of so-so weather, crooked teeth, and bland food. Why are we going there again? Oh, that's right. We'll be staying at the Conrad London at Chelsea Pier, overlooking... what else, but Chelsea Pier.